Juanjo Cura

Foto: Marcelo Manera      Considered to be one of the most complete singers of his generation in our country, Juanjo Cura is a conductor, arranger, composer, vocal professor and teacher of philosophy and singing. He has performed diverse operatic roles (Radames, Don José among others) but, entirely devoted to popular music, he has presented the popular repertoire of Argentina, America and the world in concerts produced across the length and breath of his country. The creator of big spectacles, he organizes festivals that bring together choirs, orchestras, actors, and ballets and are attended by tens of thousands of spectators, and he takes on the responsibility for scripting, arranging, and directing. He has independently produced three CDs:  "Hijos de América" (Sons of America 2005), honoring such major American composers as Piazzolla, Granda, Gardel, Paul Simon, Julio Jaramillo and many others; "Misa Criolla y Foto Diario La Capitalcanciones argentinas de Navidad" (Creol Mass and argentine Christmas songs, 2006), supported graphically by the artistic representation of Raúl Soldi and Antonio Berni in a beautiful union of music and plastic art; and "Pasional, alma del tango" (Passionate, soul of tango, 2007), dedicated to the Argentine genre that has conquered the world. As a composer, in September 2006 he presented "Un lugar para Francisco" (A place for Francis, 2006) with text by Patricia Bottale, for string orchestra, native instruments, soloists, choir and ballet, a work that suggests a search for a new American identity through the positive coexistence between different indigenous ethnic groups and western culture. Many of his arrangements of pop music are performed by choirs around the world and he has several publications and prizes for them. From 2003 he has devoted himself exclusively to the interpretation of popular music and composition and to vocal and musicological research. Among the awards he has received in his outstanding career is the Reconocimiento a la Trayectoria from the Municipality of Rosario (2003), the “Magazine” award given by Carlos Bermejo and Associates (2004), Distinción a la Trayectoria Sobresaliente from the Junior Chamber International (2005), and "Reconocimiento a la trayectoria" from the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Sante Fe (2006).